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Serving Goldsboro, Mount Olive and Surrounding Areas
Serving Mount Olive and Surrounding Areas • 919-658-2971

Expert Heating and Air Conditioning Repair for Your Home

At ET Ferrell & Son in Mount Olive, we place a lot of emphasis on providing quality work and customer service. Whether you need us to complete an air conditioning repair or a furnace repair, you can count on quality, professional services. Maybe you’ve noticed recently that your heater isn’t blowing. Maybe you’ve put up with decreasing levels of efficiency for several months. You should know that when your heater isn’t functioning appropriately, your home could be at risk; for example, your pipe systems could freeze and burst. Some of the most common issues that require heating repair are dirty filters, pilot light problems and faulty thermostats.

Let Us Fix Your HVAC System So Your Family Is Comfortable Again

Your air conditioner needs the same level of care that your home heating unit requires. We offer our residential customers in the Goldsboro area fast and reliable maintenance and repair services. Ongoing attention to your AC unit helps you maintain comfortable temperatures in your home and makes your house more energy efficient.

When your air conditioner starts making a lot of noise or it isn’t blowing with the same pressure you’ve come to expect, it’s time to call us for servicing. Some of the issues we’ve addressed most often include refrigerant leaks, electric control failure, sensor problems and clogs in the condensate drain.

Serving Goldsboro & Surrounding Areas

Every technician at ET Ferrell & Son understands the importance behind our slogan, “100% Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal.” As an experienced HVAC service in Mount Olive and Goldsboro, we are prepared to install wall and floor heaters, overhaul your boiler and complete your heating installation. Does your AC unit need some attention? Call us today at 919-658-2971 and we’ll respond quickly.