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4 Signs You're Wasting Money on Your HVAC Unit

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As a homeowner, you probably want to keep costs as low as possible. Unfortunately, you could be spending more than you need to on your HVAC unit. Watch for these signs that you're overspending on your HVAC system and use these tips to start saving money.

1. You Keep Paying to Repair an Old System

Buying a new heating and air conditioning system is a big investment. Even if you consistently have to pay for costly repairs, you might be trying to hang on to your old unit so that you can avoid the cost of buying a new one. Of course, occasional repair issues happen with HVAC systems, but if you're having to have yours fixed frequently, you could just be throwing money away on repairs.

By investing in a new unit, you can avoid repair issues and can save money over time. In addition, by investing in a new, energy-efficient unit you may be able to save on your heating and cooling bills.

If you're unsure of whether your unit needs to be replaced, then consider having it looked at by a professional. Then, you can get professional advice about whether or not it's time for a replacement. You can also get advice about the best unit to purchase for your home.

2. You Don't Have a Programmable Thermostat

Investing in a programmable thermostat is a great idea for many families. With a programmable thermostat, you can avoid heating and cooling your home all day when no one is home, and you can avoid walking into a hot or cold house after a long day as well. Your programmable thermostat can be programmed to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

3. You're Using Other Sources of Heat or Air Conditioning

Some people are under the impression that using space heaters in the winter can be a more affordable way to heat the home. Even though a space heater may be able to save you money if you're only heating a small room, it's generally not as efficient as using your heating unit.

In addition, an HVAC system that's working properly can keep your home at a more comfortable temperature than a space heater can.

The same principle is true with window unit air conditioners during the hot and humid North Carolina summers. If you don't use your system for cooling, then you could still feel hot and sticky and you might end up with a higher electric bill as well.

4. You Haven't Had Your Unit Serviced

When you're busy with other things, it's easy to put off things like having your HVAC unit serviced. This big mistake can cost you money in a few ways. For example, when a professional services your HVAC unit, they will help ensure that your unit is operating as efficiently as possible. This can help you save on heating and cooling bills.

Additionally, failing to service your HVAC unit can lead to excessive wear and tear. Your unit could be more prone to breakdowns if it hasn't been properly maintained, and it might have to be replaced sooner. Therefore, it's a good idea to have your unit serviced seasonally to save money and ensure that your family stays comfortable.

If you've noticed any of these signs, then it might be time to make some changes so that you can avoid wasting money on your HVAC unit. For help, contact us today at ET Ferrell & Son Heating & Air Conditioning Specialists to find out more about our HVAC services. Our experts will help repair or replace your system. We'll provide a solution to your heating and cooling problems.